Vehicle Coverage Information

Enhance Your Car’s Protection

Owning or leasing a Honda model delivers incredible joys with its performance, style, and premium amenities. The more miles traveled and new places you go, there is always a chance something unforeseen occurs that requires assistance and repairs. Our service advisors are here to help, so they compiled this list of vehicle coverage information in Colorado that is a roadmap of protection before something occurs. Discover more about these programs by reading below and contacting the team at Markley Honda.


Markley Difference

New Vehicle Extended Coverage

New Honda models are covered by a 3-year or 36,000-mile bumper-to-bumper limited warranty. In case something occurs after that period, we offer a comprehensive mechanical and electrical coverage through Portfolio Protection. Our service advisors can provide vehicle coverage information in Colorado for this program.

LR3 Coverage

Protect up to 13 components on your leased Honda model through our partner Portfolio Protection. This coverage can restore brake pads, belts, dents, technology, and more.

GAP Protection

Your vehicle insurance in Colorado can pay for repairs, but you could be on the hook for more if you do not have Guaranteed Automobile Protection (GAP) coverage. This insurance covers the fair market value of your vehicle in case it is totaled.

Express 5 Coverage

While exploring vehicle coverage information in Colorado, you will find this helpful roadside assistance program from our partner Portfolio Protection. It also bundles services for tires, windshields, dents, and dings as part of the package.

Glass Defense

Crystal Fusion™ Technologies are experts at cracked and chipped windshields. Do not be concerned if a crack occurs from hail or a rock on the highway.

Key Replacement

Losing your key can be an inconvenience, but it doesn't have to cost you a lot of money or more time with help from Portfolio Protection Key Replacement coverage.

Dent Care

Doors in crowded parking lots can cause dents and scrapes to your Honda model, but you can receive unlimited coverage for paintless dent, ding, and crease repairs from us. Contact a service advisor to learn more about this Colorado vehicle coverage information.

Complete Care

If your car gets extensively damaged, Complete Care by Portfolio Protection provides essential coverage for these critical repairs.

Contact Us for Coverage

You can count on the factory-certified technicians at Markley Honda to do a magnificent job, and the repairs can be assisted with these exceptional protection programs. Contact us at 970-519-2409 to find out more about this vehicle coverage information in Colorado, or you can complete our form below with your inquiries.