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Spring Checkup Benefits

Spring brings the warm glow of the sun and ushers in a new season of driving. After months of frigid temperatures, ice, and snow, your vehicle may need maintenance to dust winter off and prepare for the open road. We created a spring Honda service checklist as a guide to see which components may need an extra look ahead of spring. Your premier Fort Collins Honda service center features factory-certified technicians that perform a multitude of tasks with exceptional precision and care, so you have confidence every time you turn the key. Your battery, brakes, tires, windshield wipers, and performing an oil change are some of the essential parts and tasks we focus on during spring maintenance. Check out our spring Honda maintenance checklist at Markley Honda and schedule an appointment today.

Battery Inspection

We will check your battery to make sure it has sufficient power for the season because the winter cold can reduce the charge quickly. We will supply a new one if it gets low.

Brake Inspection

Your brakes work harder over the winter through slush and snow. Our technicians will do a meticulous check of the pads, drums, and brake fluid. Let us know if you hear chattering or grinding because that may mean new brakes are needed.

Oil Change

A top priority on our spring Honda service checklist is getting an oil change. Our maintenance advisors recommend this service every 5,000 to 10,000 miles depending on the vehicle you drive. An oil change protects the engine from metal parts grinding together and engine overheating. It also can improve fuel mileage by up to 2%.

Rotate Tires

Slick spots from winter weather can put extra stress on your tires. Depending on the vehicle’s powertrain, the wear rate can be different for each tire, so a regular tire rotation is needed to extend the life. Our service advisors suggest getting your tires rotated between 6,000 and 8,000 miles.

Change Windshield Wipers

Another important item on our spring Honda service checklist is testing and replacing your windshield wipers. The rubber can deteriorate quicker from cold temperatures, slush, and spray from highway melting agents.

Schedule Spring Service Today

Markley Honda is ready to get your vehicle at full strength for the driving season, and our talented technicians can complete these tasks on our spring Honda service checklist to optimize health and performance. Explore our spring Honda service coupons, and schedule a checkup today.

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