Plan Your Fall Checkup

When the year transitions from summer to fall, your vehicle also needs changes to ensure stellar performance and efficiency during evolving weather. The experts at your local Honda fall maintenance destination are ready to serve your automotive needs as the weather becomes colder. We have assembled this Honda maintenance plan to show you the critical areas to look at that may need service. The good news is our factory-trained technicians perform tasks on nearly every make and model. Our Honda fall maintenance includes an oil change, battery test, brake system inspection, tires check, and more. Take a look at our Honda fall maintenance checklist, and visit Markley Honda to get your vehicle ready for the fall season.

Battery Test

Cold days can spell trouble for an aging battery, so make a battery check a part of your Honda fall maintenance. We will test the battery to ensure it has the power needed to start in any condition. If it does not, we can replace it.

Brake Check

Fall weather can lead to slick conditions due to rain and potential Colorado snowfall. Our professional team will do a thorough examination, so you have the confidence in your brake system.

Oil Change

Oil is essential to an engine because its lubrication delivers protection from metal-on-metal grinding and sludge. Vehicles can run efficiently from 3,000 to 7,000 miles between oil changes depending on driving habits and the oil you use. Ask our services advisors what oil is best during your Honda fall maintenance checkup.

Tire Inspection

Driving around all summer causes wear on your tires, and our professional staff can look at your tires for excessive wear, punctures, or if a tire rotation is needed. We recommend a tire rotation between 6,000 and 8,000 miles.

Windshield Wipers Replacement

When mixed with dirt, rain and snow can cause a dirty windshield, so it is vital to have the best windshield wipers for a clear view of the road.

Schedule Honda Maintenance Today!

Prepare your vehicle for the changing weather by scheduling a checkup at your local Honda fall maintenance center. Our experienced technicians will conduct a rigorous inspection and refresh the worn components, so you have peace of mind during the changing seasons. Click on the link below to schedule a service visit with Markley Honda today!

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