The Markley Difference

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Exceptional Promise

Owning a magnificent vehicle is a wonderful feeling each time you take the road, and it is even better when you have the support of service experts backing your model. We are proud to offer our customers The Markley Difference*, a service and warranty program that ensures peace of mind if something unforeseen occurs to your Markley Honda model. It begins with a 7-year, 100,000 Limited Breakdown Protection warranty with a $0 deductible at no additional cost at purchase time. Enrolling is easy. Purchase your new Honda model from us and follow the Honda manufacturer recommended maintenance guidelines at our service center. Our factory-certified technicians will perform regular checkups to keep your model running at optimal performance. If something does occur that requires a repair to the vital vehicle systems, The Markley Difference protects your vehicle with parts replacements at no additional out-of-pocket expenses, along with a variety of other benefits. View the list of benefits below, and visit Markley Honda for your next purchase.

“The Difference”

The 7-year, 100,000-mile Limited Breakdown Protection warranty can be entered at the time of your new vehicle buy, and this is what The Markley Difference includes:
  • Protection for most major components.  Please contact the dealer for a detailed list of all covered components.
  • No-Hassle and worry-free guarantee
  • $0 Deductible
  • Use of genuine Honda OEM parts
  • Honda factory-certified technicians performing the maintenance

Markley Benefits

Enrolling in this warranty program affords other advantages, and they are:
  • 72-hour "Love It Or Leave It" exchange policy: This policy provides peace of mind, as it allows you to really test out your new car and ensures that you are entirely satisfied with your purchase. If you decide it's not the perfect fit for you within the first three days, you can exchange it with no hassle.
  • Certified service advisors: Our team of certified service advisors means you're in expert hands. They have the knowledge and expertise to provide optimal solutions for your vehicle, ensuring its longevity and performance.
  • Convenient shuttle service to take you to and from work: This service significantly reduces the inconvenience of not having your car while it's being serviced. It ensures you can continue with your day-to-day activities without disruption.
  • Every fifth oil change is free; our punch cards are available in the service center: This perk promotes vehicle health while also saving you money over time. Regular oil changes are essential for the longevity and performance of your car, and our reward system makes maintaining your vehicle more affordable.
  • First-class, 9-vehicle service center with a comfortable customer waiting area: Our state-of-the-art service center ensures quick and efficient servicing of your car, reducing your wait time. Plus, our comfortable waiting area allows you to relax or work in comfort while you wait.
  • Free loaner car: A loaner car minimizes any disruption to your routine when your vehicle is in for service. You're free to continue with your daily commute, errands, or travel plans.
  • Free car washes: Free car washes keep your vehicle looking new and well-maintained, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and potentially its resale value, at no extra cost to you.
  • Guaranteed repairs: Our guaranteed repairs ensure your vehicle receives top-quality service, increasing the reliability and longevity of your vehicle, which also gives you peace of mind about your vehicle's performance.
  • Saturday service hours: Our Saturday service hours offer flexibility to those with busy weekday schedules. You can get your vehicle serviced at a time that's most convenient for you, helping to reduce stress and save time.

Experience The Markley Difference

There are a multitude of advantages to joining this excellent warranty program. It is optional and there is no additional cost to join. The process begins when you purchase a new Honda model from us and join the program. When it’s time for a regular maintenance checkup, bring your Honda to us, and we will maximize its longevity through our comprehensive service plan. Take advantage of The Markley Difference at Markley Honda, and enjoy total peace of mind.

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*See dealer for complete details.