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Every driving lifestyle needs a different formula, and it is essential to visit the experts when you need to develop a unique payment plan for a new vehicle. Our experienced staff wants you to know we offer a multitude of buying and leasing options for Honda models. We want to ensure the plan customers receive fits their needs. It begins with an extensive inventory of exceptional Honda models and continues with sales professionals who will discuss all the benefits of buying or leasing a vehicle. To assist with the process, our finance staff created this leasing vs. buying a car list, so you have more knowledge about each method. Review the list, and then stop by Markley Honda to learn about all the buying and leasing options for Honda models!

Pros Of Buying

  • No mileage limits allow you to drive anywhere.
  • Outfit your vehicle with modifications.
  • You have no monthly payments once the loan is paid off.
  • Use the trade-in value of your vehicle in the form of a down payment when buying your next vehicle.

Cons Of Buying

  • A down payment is usually required when selecting a loan option.
  • You will pay more sales tax for buying the vehicle than if you lease it.
  • Loan interest rates increase the overall price, and continue throughout the loan.
  • Repairs and maintenance become out-of-pocket expenses when the manufacturer’s warranty ends.

Pros Of Leasing

  • A Honda leasing option lowers upfront costs by needing little money down or no down payment at all.
  • Enjoy lower monthly payments because there is not an interest rate attached to the lease.
  • Shorter terms allow customers to upgrade to the newest models regularly.
  • A Honda lease warranty continues for the term, saving you money for most repairs.
  • There is no hassle when returning your vehicle.

Cons Of Leasing

  • Mileage restrictions reduce how far you can drive.
  • Unlike a loan, a lease always carries a monthly payment.
  • At the time of return, a leased vehicle must be in exceptional condition.
  • GAP Insurance is required to cover the entire cost of the vehicle.

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