Oil Change Benefits

The Value Of Black Gold

If the engine in your Honda is its beating heart, then the oil flowing through it is definitely the blood. The service staff at Markley Honda firmly stands behind the importance of this liquid and encourages our customers to undergo a comprehensive oil change in Fort Collins, CO. Scheduling an appointment to do so is vital because of the oil’s responsibility to keep your powertrain as lubricated as possible. This serves to not only increase the lifespan of your engine, but also the overall health of your vehicle. Having outdated oil is detrimental and causes negative impacts to the performance and fuel economy of your Honda. Set up your Fort Collins, CO, oil change and keep the driving fun going.

Benefits of an Oil Change

Our service experts fully recommend you switch out your oil every 3 months or 3,000 miles, whichever comes first. This consistent lubrication helps boost the effectiveness of your gas mileage, along with removing levels of resistance and friction within your engine. One more benefit of an oil change is that it keeps everything under the hood at a cooler temperature and prevents overheating. If your engine does overheat, then your Honda model suffers from mechanical issues, afflicted driving capabilities, and even a possibly shorter lifespan. During your Fort Collins, CO, oil change, we will even mention how fresh oil improves the value of your Honda model and point out sources — like Kelley Blue Book® — that can verify that. Be sure to ask us about this when you visit Markley Honda for your next oil change in the Northern Colorado region.

Schedule Service Today

The skilled technicians in our cutting-edge Honda service center are standing by to help you further understand how beneficial fresh oil is. You can use our handy online scheduling tool to set up your oil change in Fort Collins, CO, and leave your vehicle in our quite capable hands. It’s time to give your Honda the care that it needs and replenish its lubrication for your future driving adventures. Visit Markley Honda today or schedule an appointment online for an oil change!