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Keep The Doctor Away

Car owners of all stripes know how crucial it is to receive consistent service for their vehicles and ensure they continually function as efficiently as possible. The skilled technicians at ​​​​​Markley Honda want to help our customers achieve that with a fully customized Honda maintenance schedule. We know how busy and on-the-go everyday life is, which is why we are ready to walk you through the benefits of regular mechanical upkeep and what kind of comprehensive work we will bring to bear on your vehicle. We will also touch on your Honda’s recommended maintenance schedule and how a convenient feature works to keep you informed about your mechanical health. Read on about how we will help you create a Honda maintenance schedule tailored to your personal way of life, then contact our service professionals with your questions.

What Is Involved

Due to years of experience and ongoing training, our technicians have the know-how to gauge when your Honda car, truck, crossover, or SUV model is in need of service. For example, we suggest coming in for ​​​​​oil and filter changes around every 5,000 miles, along with seeing us for multi-layered tire care whenever you reach 15,000 miles.* Your Honda recommended maintenance schedule comes from the intuitive Honda Maintenance Minder System. This on-board computer monitors how your vehicle is performing and alerts you if an issue arises with your oil’s lifespan. It also monitors:

Your ambient temperature


The temperature of your engine

Time on the road

How much your vehicle is being used

Schedule Service Today

Here at Markley Honda, we are prepared to discuss ​​​​​ your personalized Honda maintenance schedule and work with you to determine how many miles or time goes by before you need mechanical care. Don’t wait, schedule your in-depth service appointment with your trusted service professionals today!

*See dealer for complete details