Markley Honda Maintenance Schedule


It is our desire to help you maintain your vehicle in a manner that keeps it trouble-free and fun to drive. The goal of our Service Department is to provide you with quality service by trained Technicians at a fair price.

The information on this page is to help inform you of your vehicles specific needs through it’s lifetime. Please be sure to contact your service advisor at Markley Honda with any questions you might have.




✔ Honda factory-trained Service Advisors
✔ Honda factory-trained Technicians
✔ Free alignment check and pick up and delivery
✔ Genuine Honda Parts
✔ Clean, spacious facility
✔ State-of-the-art equipment
✔ Guaranteed repairs (minimum 1 year or 12,000 miles)
✔ Fast, while-you-wait service
✔ Rental cars available
✔ Saturday service and parts hours
✔ We are a completely "Green" dealership
✔ Most major credit cards accepted
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✔ Everyday low prices
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Honda Maintenance Minder System


Honda’s Maintenance Minder system is an algorithm driven, on-board computer that alerts owners about specific maintenance needs so they can address an issue promptly and without hassle. At the most basic level, it keeps track of engine oil life, and drivers can assess oil quality at the touch of a button.

As well as monitoring the life of the oil, the Honda Maintenance Minder system monitors engine operating conditions such as:

  • Ambient temperature
  • Engine temperature
  • Speed
  • Time
  • Vehicle use

Once the information display number reduces from 100% (fresh oil) to 15% (dirty oil), a wrench-shaped light will appear on your dashboard, along with maintenance codes that indicate that your vehicle is due for servicing.

When the service light appears on your dashboard, it will appear with service codes and sub-codes that indicate certain recommended maintenance that can affect the performance of your vehicle, as well as preventative steps necessary to check certain parts to determine their quality during the inspection. When you see the codes displayed on your dash, you will see one code and possibly one or any combination of sub-codes (i.e. A1, or B1235). A list of the codes, sub-codes, and their meaning is below: