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Tire Service Fort Collins CO

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When it comes to keeping your vehicle safe, tire maintenance is imperative. If your tires are worn, aren’t fit for your driving conditions, or aren’t properly aligned, they’re in dire need of attention. Luckily, Markley Honda is here to be your home for tire service in Fort Collins, CO! Ask yourself, “Are my tires up to date?” If the answer is “I’m not sure,” it’s probably time to schedule an appointment. Keep yourself and your passengers safe. Allow Markley Honda to guide you through the at-home precautions and signs you should look out for to ensure your tires are turning at peak performance.

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Tire Service Fort Collins CO

What To Look For

Wheel Alignment:

If you’re ever driving on a smooth road, but your vehicle seems to be handling a little strange, it may be time to get your tires looked at. A tugging feeling from the wheel or a bumpy ride are often key indicators that you may need to visit us for tire service in Fort Collins, CO. An off-balance tire can lead to uneven wear on the tires and could damage your vehicle’s shocks, bearings, and suspension.

Tire Pressure:

While many vehicles have a tire pressure light on the drive cluster, it is important to check the pressure for yourself. If you cannot visually tell if your pressure is low, use the proper side of a pressure gauge to check your tire’s PSI and make sure it lines up with the required levels listed on the tire wall. If your tire’s PSI does not line up, be sure to put air in, or if you feel uncomfortable filling it yourself, visit Markley Honda and we’ll ensure the pressure is perfect. Low pressure can be very dangerous and will drastically affect how effective your tires are in the elements or on diverse terrain.

Tire Service Fort Collins CO

Tire Rotation:

When it comes to understanding when you need a tire rotation, the main thing you need to pay attention to is your odometer. Tire rotations should occur every 7,500 miles. They are very simple and can even be done while you’re here for an oil change. The reason it is important for drivers in Fort Collins, CO, to get this tire service, is because tire rotations ensure even wear on all four tires and will greatly improve your tire’s longevity.

Why Markley?

When it comes to receiving tire service in Fort Collins, CO, there are a number of reasons why customers rely on us as their go-to dealer for maintenance. Our expert technicians only use genuine OEM parts, we offer an endless number of service coupons and deals, and we’re the only Honda dealer that offers the Markley Difference.

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Do the right thing. Keep you and your passengers safe by paying close attention to your vehicle’s tires.