Section 179 Tax Break

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Reinvest In Your Business

Choosing Honda for commercial vehicles can benefit your business in many ways. They provide outstanding performance, enhance the company profile, and make the business eligible for the Section 179 tax incentive in Colorado. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) lets companies claim up to $1,040,000* for the Section 179 vehicle tax credit after purchasing new or pre-owned work vehicles, software, or equipment in a given calendar year. A refund is a fantastic opportunity to invest the savings for more vehicles, employees, or equipment. Upgrade your work vehicle fleet by selecting a Honda model from Markley Honda, and enjoy the benefits of the Colorado Section 179 tax incentive.

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Receive A Tax Refund

A Honda model will deliver a superior experience for any company, and this dynamic comes with this significant Section 179 tax deduction. Using the Honda model for business purposes more than 50% of the time qualifies the vehicle for this tax break. The Section 179 vehicle tax deduction takes the final purchase price — up to $1,040,000 — for all the commercial vehicles bought in the year, and the total is used to reduce the gross income that your business files, thus earning tax savings. The Section 179 tax incentive in Colorado also lets you add a 100% depreciation bonus for both new and pre-owned Honda commercial vehicles for the entire year. This creates additional savings that also will enhance the efficacy of your business. Visit Markley Honda to learn more about this incredible tax program, and pick your next Honda company model.

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Add A Honda Commercial Model

Give your company a boost by adding a Honda to the business fleet while receiving the Colorado Section 179 tax incentive. We offer a diverse selection of Honda cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs that can serve any purpose that is needed for your business. Honda models have tremendous fuel efficiency from the advanced gasoline and hybrid engine options. The rugged Honda Ridgeline achieves an impressive maximum towing capacity of up to 5,000 lbs. so you can take tools and equipment to the job site in a trailer. All Honda models have modern technology features that provide extra awareness through innovative safety systems. Your commercial fleet will be a sense of company pride when you choose Honda. Schedule a test drive at Markley Honda and earn a Section 179 tax incentive in Colorado.

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*See a tax professional for complete details.