Honda of South Carolina Donates 100,000 to Disaster Relief in South Carolina

The downpours have stopped in South Carolina, but the damage has already been done. The failure of at least 11 dams caused extensive flooding, resulting in the deaths of 17 people. Water systems have been contaminated, and the damage to property and infrastructure is already estimated to have reached the billion dollar mark. People are joining together to help put back the pieces, but they face a steep uphill battle.

In the face of the terrible tragedy, there is a glimmer of positivity, as individuals and corporations are donating time and money to hel resurrect the shattered communities. Here at Markley Honda, we were pleased to read that one of the corporations was Honda of South Carolina. 1000 associates work in the 655,000 square foot HSC facility, used in the manufacturing of Motorsports equipment.

"Honda and our associates want to help provide support for the many individuals and families, and our neighbors, who have been devastated by these historic floods," said HSC President, Brian Newman. "We believe it’s imperative for Honda to support our community in a time of need."

HSC will donate $50,000 to the Red Cross of Pee Dee; the Eastern Carolina Community Foundation will receive $25,000; and Harvest Hope of Pee Dee will also receive $25,000.

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