Benefits Of Buying Used

Buying A Used Honda

Benefits Of Buying A Used Car

Buying a new car can be exciting and fun, but is often way too expensive. Here at Markley Honda, we know cars, and we know that there are many benefits of buying a used car. Your local CO used car dealership has a wide variety of high-quality used models for you to browse. Every pre-owned selection in our inventory is in excellent condition and could potentially be the perfect vehicle for you. With every purchase of a used car from us, you will receive the full CARFAX® Vehicle History Report so that you are informed of the complete history of the vehicle, including previous owners and any issues that the model may have had in the past. Here at Markley Honda, we are proud to promote the sale of our first-class used cars because we acknowledge the many benefits of buying a used car. Please continue reading to find out why buying a used car may be the perfect choice for you, and then take a moment to look at our inventory.

The Markley Difference

Buying A Used Car In Colorado


Here at Markley Honda, we have a vast inventory of used cars for you to browse. When it comes to new cars, there are only about 350 different models of vehicles available each year. However, one of the benefits of buying a used car is that you have a much larger variety of options to browse. Even if the specific vehicle you want is no longer manufactured, there is a chance that you will find it on the used car market.

Lower Insurance

The overall value of a car determines the amount you pay for car insurance. Insurance on new vehicles costs significantly more than on used cars, and this is because the value of your vehicle quickly depreciates after you buy it. A three-year-old car may potentially still look almost new, but your insurance doesn’t see it that way.

Markley Certified Program

Your local used car dealership offers the elite Markley Certified Program, which is an amazing benefit of buying a used car. This program covers cars that are five model years old or newer and have fewer than 75,000 miles. Each of our Markley Certified vehicles is put through a 172-point inspection that ensures that every component in the car is in perfect condition. Additionally, every Markley Certified Pre-Owned car comes with a 90-day/3,000-mile warranty to give you even more peace of mind.

Benefits Of Buying A Used Car

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The professionals at Markley Honda are dedicated to giving you a superb buying experience when you purchase a used car. Our excellent service and wide selection are just a couple of benefits of buying a used car in Colorado. Stop into our showroom today and start looking for your perfect used car. Contact your local Honda dealer to learn about the benefits of buying a used Honda today.

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