Key Replacement

With technology permeating every facet our lives, it is everywhere including the keys to your vehicles. No longer can you just go to the hardware store, or parts store and have them cut a key for $10. Some replacement key sets can cost several hundred dollars.

Key replacement is costly?

With Key Replacement you can avoid key replacement costs and you can travel without worry with the benefits of Roadside Assistance!


  • This is a low cost program.
  • This product can be frontloaded as we have developed a 1 yr program to be frontloaded.
  • Key Replacement coverage is high in demand.
  • Key Replacement coverage benefit amount is by year rather than by benefit amount for the term of the contract.

Immediate Benefit:

  • We offer great coverage at different benefit levels to better suit your needs.

How it Works?

Key Replacement Reimburses the dealer or customer if their keys are lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed, also provides Roadside Assistance benefits which include: Towing Assistance, Lockout Assistance, Vehicle Fluid Delivery, Emergency Message Relay, Custom Domestic Trip Routing Service, Car Rental Savings and Hotel and Theme Park Discounts.

Key Replacement FAQ’s

Q: What makes this program better/different from other programs?
A: Our coverage is by year, for instance with $400 coverage you will receive $400 per year rather than $400 for the entire term of the contract.

Q: Are there any state Dept of Insurance laws regulating this product?
A: The dealer has to become a licensed Motor Club Agent in certain states. Those states are AL, AR, CA DE, KS, MA MS, MT, NC, NE, NH, OK, SC, TN, UT, VA and WY.

Q: Can this program be used on leases?
A. Yes, this is a great program for leases.

Q: Can this program be front loaded?
A: Yes, and we have a 1 year program we developed for front loads.

Q: How can F&I make any money with this?
A: This is a low cost program and can be marked up, up to $300 per contract depending on term.

Q: Is this contract cancellable?
A: Product is cancellable. Within 30 days customer will receive full refund after 30 days refund will be prorate.

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