Glass Defense

Colorado can be tough on windshields. From the sand that is put down on the roads during winter, to the rocks and debris kicked up by trucks and other drivers in front of you, there is no escaping the chips, and cracks that can happen in an instant. Protect your vehicle from unavoidable chips and starburst cracks caused by flying road debris that liters our road and highways. Customer pays NO deductible!


  • Driving on today’s highways can be hazardous especially on your windshield.
  • With our program starburst cracks are professionally REPAIRED.
  • With our program windshields are REPLACED if damage is not repairable.
  • With our program customers can avoid costly windshield replacement costs, drive safely, and maintain your vehicles appearance.

Immediate Benefit:

  • Competitive rates
  • Adds value to your vehicle.
  • Hassle-free claim approval. Claims are handled directly from our Claims Office.
  • Easy to install.

How it Works?

Dealer-applied Glass Defense chemicals bond with the glass and work in two ways: The chemicals strengthen the surface of the glass to resist damage from road debris Water on the windshield beads up and runs off Chemical goes on clear. If the customer’s windshield is damaged, customer may file a claim and windshield can be REPAIRED or REPLACED!

Glass Defense FAQ’s:

Q: What is the covered with the Glass Defense program?
A: Warranty Covers repair of windshield “star” cracks and windshield chips no greater than two (2) inches in diameter and two (2) inches in length. If any of the windshield damage is not repairable we will replace the damaged windshield with a windshield of like kind and quality of the original windshield.

Q: Are there limits to the amount of claims allowed?
A: Coverage is limited to 3 claims and/or $2,000 for all windshield replacement claims during the term selected on the Warranty agreement.

Q: Where will the work be performed?
A: The work is performed at the selling dealership. This process is designed to deepen the relationship with the dealer.

Q: Is this program cancellable?
A: Warranty Agreement is non-cancellable and non-transferable.

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