Summer Safety Reminder

"Check your tires to stay safe and save money. Well-maintained tires provide protection against avoidable breakdowns and crashes, improved vehicle handling, better fuel economy, and increased tire life. Keeping tire pressure at the manufacturer’s recommended level increases fuel efficiency by one mile per gallon of gas — something that’s even more important in the summer when gas prices rise."

The above reflects just one tip you'll find in "Tips for Staying Safe During the Summer Driving Season," a Huffington Post blog item that we find a timely subject for our own blog post today. The post contains a number of summer safety tips like the one above.

"Manage glare and heat," reads another one. "Keep sunglasses handy and use a sun shield beneath your windshield when parked to keep your car’s interior heat down. Never leave a child or a pet unattended in a vehicle." Head to to view the full list.

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