How Long Has Honda Been Manufacturing Transmissions in America?

You may think of Honda as a Japanese brand, but it has actually been manufacturing auto parts right here in the United States for decades! Just last month, Honda Precision Parts of Georgia, LLC (HPPG) celebrated its 10th anniversary of building transmissions for Honda models like the Odyssey, Pilot, and Ridgeline.

HPPG of Tallapoosa, GA has produced an estimated 2.7 million transmissions to date, starting in 2006 with five-speed transmissions, and switching to the new six-speed transmissions in 2012. Its current annual capacity is 375,000 units, and it employs around 500 associates.

"We have made great strides during the last decade and our associates have been a driving force for our success here in Tallapoosa," said Masahiko Kayama, president at HPPG. "Our future is bright and we look forward to sharing even more accomplishments with our associates and the local community as we continue to make high quality products for our customers."

Honda began transmission production in America in Ohio, in 1989.

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