"Pilot" Yourself to Greatness In the New 2016 Model

When Kelley Blue Book set out to review the all-new 2016 Honda Pilot, the impression that it made on its reviewer was immense. Even from 100 yards away, they were able to tell just how improved the new model was over the 2015 iteration, and ten miles of driving to determine that this generational update had propelled it to the top of its class.

That's quite high praise from KBB, who usually reserve their more outright proclamations for sports cars. But the proof is in the pudding. They not only found the car's driving dynamics to be vastly improved over the outgoing model, but lauded its spacious cabin for its entertainment features and connectivity (smart phone connections are available for the driver, and there are plenty of USB access for passengers).

To see the new Pilot for yourself, our Honda dealership in Fort Collins, CO would be much obliged to have you down and test drive it. You can also drop us a line to learn more about our vehicles.

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