Make an Impact with the Honda Accord Plug-In Hybrid

Our environment is a special place. Newton's Third Law states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. If you could make one small lifestyle choice that could positively affect the environment, would you? You can do just that in a Honda Accord Plug-In Hybrid.

Here at Markley Honda we enjoy trying something new. Test driving this Honda Hybrid could change your driving experience. The Honda Acord Plug-In Hybrid performs like a Standard Accord, and offers the same luxurious interior and exterior design all with the perks of plug-in hybridvehicle. You can choose to power it by the electric motor or the engine. A 120-volt outlet will fully charge your Accord in less than three hours and a 240-volt charger calls for only one hour of your time. Combining the gasoline engine and the electric power makes for an outstanding total driving range.

Visit our Fort Collins location at 3401 South College Ave and check out the Honda Accord Plug-In Hybrid today.

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