5 Easy Ways To Care For Your Honda

May 13th, 2019 by

You’ve just driven your brand new Honda vehicle off the Markley Motors lot, excited to show it off to your friends and family. That factory fresh shine might stick around for a few days, but after a few months, you might notice a few things start to show some wear and tear. While you don’t have to be as methodical about caring for your car as that guy down the street with the garage full of vintage Mustangs, taking care of your car regularly ensures that you get many years of use out of it.

Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to take care of a Honda. With the help of some of our service advisors, we’ve put together a quick checklist of five easy ways you can care for your Honda!

Check Your Lights

If you’re not diligent about checking whether your lights work or not, someone else will let you know. Most times, however, that someone will be a police officer writing you a ticket. Save yourself the hassle, and the costs, and check your lights every now and then. It’s easy to do.

For headlights, flash your low and high beams in the dark, or toward a large pane of glass. You’ll know if they’re working. Make sure the bulbs in both sides are shining brightly.

For your turn indicator lights, just park your car in a safe location, hit your hazard, or “park anywhere” lights, and take a walk around the vehicle. All four lights should be blinking without issue and in sync with one another.

Finally, make sure you check your brake lights. You can back your car up near a wall, or near a store window. Park the car, then pump the brakes a few times. By looking in the rearview mirror, you’ll be able to see whether they’re working or not.

Of course, if you’ve got a willing friend, you can have them check all the lights as you run through them from inside the car.


Check Your Oil

By now, we all know that you should get your oil checked every couple months, or after around 3,000 miles. But realistically, we’ve all gotten away with getting it checked after six months. Or maybe nine. Ok, a year, but don’t tell your service advisor alright?

You should consider getting your oil checked and changed every season. This ensures you always have the right kind of fresh oil running through your car, keeping everything working smoothly. That said, some synthetic oils let you go up to 6,000 or more miles between check-ups. Check with your service advisor to see what’s right for your car and the pros and cons to using these high-mileage oils.

Treat Your Tires Right

It’s often said that you should never cheap out on the things that stay between you and the ground. That includes shoes, beds, and of course, tires. Treating your tires right not only makes them last longer but also helps your car perform better.

Should your tire pressure monitoring system light start shining on your dashboard, get your tires checked as soon as you can. Underinflated tires will have an impact on your gas usage and can even reduce the traction you have on the road. Overinflated tires can do the same. The trick then is to keep them at the manufacturer recommended settings. You can find these in your manual, or on the driver side door jamb. Fill them to the recommended PSI for the best performance.

Keep an Eye on Your Battery

We often don’t think about our car battery until it stops working. Your car battery will last about four to five years before it starts to not hold a charge anymore. That means you’ll need to keep track of how long it’s sat under your hood. Look for corrosion on the contact points. If you see a white crust on the positive and negative terminals, it’s probably time to replace the battery.

Batteries aren’t terribly expensive and are done right cheap when compared to a new alternator. Often times, auto parts stores will offer you a discounted price on your new battery if you bring in the old one. When you drop the new battery in, save yourself any future guesswork and write the date you installed it on the battery box in permanent marker.

Wipe Away Worry About Your Wipers

While we don’t get a lot of rain here in Colorado, we get more than our fair share of snow. The seasonal changes really put your wiper blades to the test, so it’s important that you keep them in mind.

Wiper blades can last about a year before they need to be changed. In some cases, they can wear out in as little as three months if the conditions are harsh enough. But how can you tell if your wiper blades are wiped out?

  • Your blades are leaving streaks and smears when you use them.
  • The blades are jagged, uneven, or damaged.
  • There are visible cracks on the blades.

If they look alright, but your window still looks a little grimy, it might be that there’s too much dirt built up. Take it through a pressurized car wash to get rid of that excess dirt.



Let Us Handle the Rest

After checking all the boxes above, you’ll be able to drive your Honda vehicle with confidence. But when engine lights start to flash, tires start to go bald, and your car starts to make concerning noises, then it’s time to bring it to us. At Markley Honda, we have a comprehensive service department right at the dealership. Using factory OEM parts, our auto parts shop can keep your Honda running without a hitch. Plus, we’ll give you every fourth oil change for free, and if you bought the vehicle with us, we’ll even treat you to a free car wash!

Stop by our Honda dealership in Fort Collins today to experience the Markley Difference!